by zsandika

I’ve been in business relationship with these two people. A Japanese girl and her assistant, a Hungarian/Transsilvanian guy, who managed a website together for Japanese people interested/living in Hungary. We became friends too. They are the heart of the community when it comes to events and information transference altogether, thus they were involved in a few Japanes related fun stuff and I got invitation to those happenings too.
Well, I just got a mail from the guy stating that their latest trip was very succesful, where they pulled together a documentary on Eastern Europe, which will be shown in Japan, apparently. They just got home and managed to focus their attention to homely business, like my letter I had sent a month ago. They are happy to help out, cool, cooperation, etc… But only until mid-summer, when She moves back home. By the way she is in Japan now too. In the meantime they try to keep up their business relationship and safeguard their friendship -at least.
Me: “Whaaaat? Whyyyy?
Well, she turned 30, she is in that age, when she must get married. European guy can no way be an option, so to her parents’ call she must obey and go home to get married. Several years of working together and having a good realtionship – i dont know to what extent they were, ummm, “together”, but they certainly were to some -, now whoooosssh, gone….

They will keep up the website. Well, he will, and she will contribute from out there – when family allows…

PS: My boyfriend did also turn 30 recently, in Australia. Same planet, same age…