Birthday contd.

by zsandika

I met them both by a complete chance. I was not feeling well that day, so i went home for an early afternoon nap. On my way back to work I bumped into them – almost literally. They were on their bikes and just arrived to the 2nd hand shop in front of  which we met.  So she is in Hungary cycling with him… wow… maybe things changed I was thinking, and asked even.

Nope, she is going home in September, he is going to keep up the work in Hungary promoting our country to the Japanese.

Ok… then her touching her tummy, looking at him asking if he had told me…

Ohhh…. my….god!!!! Maybe they expect a child together against the world and most importantly her parents???? How brave!!!! – I thought.

“Have you told her?” “No, not yet.” I looked at him: “Yours?” 🙂 🙂 🙂

“No, not mine… she is due in January… it will be very cold… blah…blah…”

I had no more questions and could not say a word either. I had to go and them too… He helped her to lock her bike against his and accompanied her in the 2nd hand shop.

I lost my consciousness for a few seconds, thank God I didnt get run over by a car.